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Book no.1

The Areekyan Chronicles
volume 1

Volume 1: The Waxing Moon

Ancient Magick, Mysterious Mages.
Major Lords, Minor Houses.
Who Can Be Trusted?
Who Should Be Feared?

The ancient, long forgotten Sun Magick and Moon Magick rise out of myth and legend in the land of Areekya.
Juk Thri is running for his life, searching for friends and fleeing from enemies.

Fans of George R.R. Martin will love the characters, action and world-building in this new epic fantasy series from debut author Barry S Markwick. A gritty tale of intrigue and in-fighting. Major houses and minor lords from all corners of Areekya reassessing their sides in the War and preparing for the coming conflict.

Juk Thri, the Captain of the finest regiment in Lord Runkarn’s Army, has become disillusioned with the War. He is tired and discouraged. He leaves his men to travel back to his home in the north east of Areekya. This sets off a series of events which threaten his life. Juk travels the land looking for friends, both old and new, while running from enemies. The ancient Magicks re-emerge to play a crucial role in the direction that power takes in Areekya.

Who is the mysterious mage, Rivan?
What is Lord Runkarn’s history?

Welcome to The Waxing Moon. The Areekyan Chronicles Volume 1.

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